None of our equipment has been produced in such large quantities and with such success as our impulse switch. Hundreds of thousands of them have been sold around the world. It is available for almost 20 years in various versions and further developments. It was developed out of necessity, because the progressive replacement of the relay technology had caused by integrated circuits is no reaction of the installation industry. The highly integrated call systems in energy-efficient technology needed to power-hungry contactors for switching the bunk and lighting control in patients' rooms, often with fatal consequences.

Along with increasing safety requirements presented also the protection of the patient to 230 to avoid body currents far out. Our impulse switch, which was meant only as a supplement to our own facilities, was immediately absorbed by the market; of competition and almost all manufacturers of medical equipment and lighting rails set today worldwide on our product. After the entry into force of nursecall norm to DIN VDE 0834 no way more past our little unit.